An Afternoon with Ann Wilson of Heart

Saturday, July 23
Show: | 1pm // Doors: | 11:30am
$35.50 to $59.50
One of the premier hard rock vocalists of all-time, Ann Wilson smashed boundaries with her band Heart, the 8-times Platinum, 35 million-plus selling Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trailblazers who formed in 1973. During a decades-long career, Wilson rode the roller coaster of fame, fortune and madness, learning both joyous and hard, hard lessons along the way.
Fast forward to Summer 2020, and a meeting with legendary veteran ‘artist’s lawyer’ Brian Rohan provided the catalyst for her latest album, Fierce Bliss. Set for release April 29, the album offers universally entertaining, engaging, honest and safe harbor from these unpredictable times.
Wilson comes to Indian Ranch with her new band, and make no mistake, she’s a performer at heart thus her excitement is palpable. Ann Wilson seems to be more comfortable with herself (and her art) than ever before with both Fierce Bliss and the band she’ll be touring with.
“I think that for someone who’s been through as much as I have, and has lived to tell the tales, it’s okay to share my experiences,” says Wilson sagely. “I’ve heard from a lot of younger musicians and listeners too who have thanked me for staying around and for just keeping upright, just making it through, making the concessions once but not twice, and being able to live through it all with dignity.”