Little River Band

Sunday, July 17
Show: | 1pm // Doors: | 11:30am
$35.50 to $69.50
Little River Band garnered huge chart success with multi-platinum albums and chart-topping hits in the 70’s and 80’s. Their worldwide album, CD, and digital downloads amass to more than 350 million. LRB continues to deliver distinctive harmonies and vocal abilities under the direction of 41 year LRB veteran, lead vocalist and bass player Wayne Nelson. To date, Wayne has contributed his talents on 24 of Little River Band’s albums/CDs. LRB was honorably dubbed “the best signing band in the world” by Eagles founding member, the late Glenn Frey. Little River Band has undergone an evolution or two since its origins as an Australian rock band hungry to make it in America. Fans nostalgic for such tunes as “Reminiscing”, “Lady”, “Cool Change” or “The Night Owls” can join them to hear the current incarnation for a night of fantastic music, memories and more.
The band continues to deliver high quality, memorable shows to the concert attendees making new fans nightly. LRB live concerts showcase the pristine harmony vocals known worldwide and deliver moments that spark back memories while making new ones with the next generation.
Fun Facts: LRB was the first band to have Top 10 Hits for 6 consecutive years! Their song “Reminiscing” has garnered over 5 million air plays on American radio, with “Lady” following close behind with over 4 million air plays. In September 2015, the band was awarded Casino Entertainer of the Year at the G2E Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.